Friday, April 9, 2010

"A Moment"

So today, while I am sitting at my computer working a way.. I looked over and saw someone
I care about having a "Moment" and when I asked her what was wrong well, the response was
"I am having a moment" ...
Wow, did this bring back some moments of my own.. not to take away from what she was feeling, because I could FEEL the strength of her moment. We all break down, we all have "Moments"...
As I sat there thinking about her sadness, and what she was feeling It made me feel well in a way Okay! I am starting to have less and less moments about my dad.. I still do, but I don't know when or why or even IF they will ever go away.
My advice was exactly what I do when I have a MOMENT-
Breath, Cry, then Breath and Cry...
Every person who has gone thru loss, or any trama..has moments, and no matter where you are..
Breath... Just Breath.